23 Mobile Things #5 and #4

The other day, while sitting at the reference desk, I sketched out some blog ideas on a piece of scratch paper during a little down time. When I student came up with some questions, I slipped the note in my pocket for later reference. At some point, I took the notes out of my pocket and set them somewhere, but I have yet to discover this actual location. I did not jot down any groundbreaking ideas, but I thought I had come up with a few good ones and it is annoying to try to recover just what those good ideas were. My thoughts seem to appear and disappear quickly and I often have pieces of notebook paper or post it notes with little scribbles, jumbled around, their points long forgotten. Also, I've always been a lover of a good list, whether it would be the stuff I need to pick up at the grocery store, list of books I want to finish this month, or just a list of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the Twin Cities, I’m always scribbling down lists.


So,having a mobile device around to capture random good ideas and lists at a moment’s notice and keep them safe is, in theory, something I’m totally into. I’ve been a user of the Listography site for some years, and its good to keep around but I’m not sure I want to purchase its mobile app, so I did some experimenting with SpringPad and DragonDiction. I’m still trying out SpringPad, putting to use its many services but so far, they seem to be slightly more well designed versions of aspects already on my iPhone. I’ve already been taking notes using apps installed on the iPhone already, so I have been ambivalent about SpringPad so far. DragonDiction, likewise, and talking to myself in public is still a little too weird for me.

Meanwhile, skipping back to Thing #4, I have been a collector of RSS’s for some years now, using Google Reader avidly before Google killed it- I’ve shifted now to Feedly, and I’ve been very happy with it so far. Downloading the app to my iPhone worked out well too, and now I can keep distracted by the best of the internet on my phone as well as my desk top. Aggregating everything from webcomics, Tumblrs, blog platforms, and sundry other cool stuff, I always find something intriguing, shocking, or humorous popping up. That’s probably a good thing, right?