Library Technology Conference 2014 and Thing 3

As an attendee at the Library Technology Conference 2014 at Macalester College, my first time at this informative and dynamic venue for sharing new ideas for librarianship, my iPhone has been of great utility to aid my participation. Whether live tweeting, using GoogleMaps to get to and from the hotel, and even alarm, (how many people still use alarm clocks?) my iPhone has . It really does feel like being part of the 21st century, being connected to so much information right at hand, in your hand. At least, until the power runs out. For some reason, the connection in some of the Macalester buildings really drained my battery very quickly. But that might be a discussion for a later Thing. 


Of course, one of the first things I downloaded was Google Maps; useful on foot, as navigator in a vehicle, though I have yet to try it out by bike. Going along with this, another utility I use a lot is UrbanSpoon, as there are few things I like more than locating the closest awesome restaurants, though it does not always help on deciding where to eat.


One thing that became clear as I attended the LTC2014 sessions was the growing use of mobile devices by students and patrons of libraries, making me eager to learn as much as I can about these techs and even more grateful for this project. According to a study by the University of Minnesota, about 8% of searches on the U of M datbase has come from a mobile device, but this rate has doubled every year since 2011 and according to student surveys 22% use mobile devices for their main academic needs. I wonder how many students at my own institution rely on mobile devices.  I may come back to explore more of the things I learned in later 23 Thing blog entries. 


Hmm, maybe something I should look for would be a typing/writing utility for the iPhone. I hope it doesn't make me hopelessly old fashioned that I scribbled out the rough draft of this post in my notebook in between awesome, informative sessions at the Conference. I am looking forward to participating in next year's conference! In the meantime, I just need to organize and condense my thoughts and all of the stuff I learned about. Time to get out to enjoy the equinox weather while we still have it!