23 mobile things number two

After using my iPhone on a daily basis for almost 4 months now I still feel like there's so many secrets I have yet to unlock with it. One of the first things I did with my iPhone was to install a new wallpaper, some Japanese art courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It makes it a little more personalized I think. The way may not be using my phone to the best of its abilities quite yet I have been making good use of it I think. I recall the other week when I was walking down the street listening to music using Google maps to guide me to my location and noticing some good light in the nearby abandoned building with some interesting graffiti and posed to take a photo with the camera function. This was pretty awesome I felt pretty futuristic then! I thought it quite useful for my other blog but I've been working on, MSP Adventure Time



Actually writing this entry for BookLikes unfortunately has been a little bit more difficult. While I have updated both of my blogs from my iPhone, I guess I am still used to using a keyboard to type. For this entry I've been using the voice command function of the iPhone and it's been a little bit awkward talking to myself I guess I just have a better thought process with the keyboard. I've been doing the edits with the keypad on the iPhone but it's just so tiny, it makes it slow going not that the voice command is much quicker for me. It is also unfortunate that BookLikes does not seem to have an app yet which makes a little bit more complicated and updating. Things might be a little better on WordPress which hosts my other blogs and has its own mobile app but I'm still figuring things out there as well. I must say the voice recognition program on the iPhone does a pretty good job capturing what I'm saying though I do wonder how difference my writing comes across through speech. I nitrite more often, oops, now there was a weird one, I mean, I might try it more often! On the other hand, punctuation is getting to be a pain. Any way to add commas and periods via voice?