ReadingRainstorm Regards 23 Mobile Things


As I am a staff member of a Minnesota library, I thought it would be both informative and fun to participate in the 23 Mobile Things project organized by the Minnesota Multitype Library Cooperation System. I have had a personal iPhone now for a couple months and, really, I have to say it feels a little bit like joining the 21st century. I am really enjoying utilizing all of the functions of the mobile device and learning more about using it to its best potential.When I started writing for my Reading Rainstorm blog back in January, I was interested in tapping my love of reading and writing to explore more deeply the nexus of literature and technology, in particular the ability to spread and consume information so widely and so easily.


Of course, one of the first things I did when I got the device was to download the mobile app of my local libraries and begin to request, check out, and view materials, both in the physical catalog as well as ebooks and eaudiobooks. This would be the first place I have had to really see what the hype is about ebooks and, I admit, it certainly is easy to access even more books instantly than ever before. The possibilities are already is a little overwhelming, and I have not even begun to consider using a smart phone for work! I can already see how my phone could be used for so many purposes in the library, as I continue to use my iPhone to access my libraries' resources as a patron, but how to start integrating this into the profession, in particular in an academic environment So, that is what I am hoping to explore as I meander through the 23 things in the coming months, as well as to share a some of what I find out. Maybe I can even start to use a little of it as well!