Reading Rainstorm!

I feel I have a lot of words in me, but you don't have to take my word for it! Here are some paragraphs;


Whenever I sit down to write, ideas, feelings, and thoughts billow forth like a thunderhead of creativity or a really forced simile, flashes of insight skipping through the clouds of my mind accompanied by vast crashes of frustration as, in spite of the roiling atmosphere of high pressure ridges, the rains of a completed work fail to fall once again.

With every book that I read, and I read a lot, more idea moisture is added to already saturated environment. I perhaps read too much, whether it is the many books I seem to drag home from the library on a daily basis, the blogs I frequent, or the books I already have piled on top of my book shelves, that it sometimes feels that I am neglecting real life writing. I fancy myself a writer. I do. I really do. And I suck at it. Well, maybe not the tools of writing, I think I can string a few words together, maybe, but the logistics of it, getting started. People have told me I'm a good writer, I like to think I'm a good writer. I wrote a hundred page article once! It makes it a bit depressing, then, to admit that I have not finished anything half so long since. The excuse that I was "burned out" on writing that i used for a year so after completing my masters in History has probably gotten a little old. It is time to break the drought that has settled over my writing landscape. 


I want to accomplish two things with my BookLikes blog. 1, explore and review my feelings about the various books I continue to devour, analyse themes and inspirations. 2, have a space to experiment and tinker with flash fiction, micro memoir, and other writing exercises that I can hammer out quickly. Reading and Writing, Absorbing the works of others and expressing my own work. Reading raincloud... writing rainstorm.