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A New Reading Goal for a New Year
A New Reading Goal for a New Year
So, here we are more than a week into the New Year, and I’m taking a little time to discuss my new reading project for the year. On Goodreads last year, I set up a rather ludicrous goal of reading two hundred books in 2016, not really planning on succeeding but just wanting to see how far I got. Well, actually, I ended up reading a few more than that!

It probably did not hurt that I am working now in a major public library system, in which new books, or strange and interesting books new and old alike are constantly passing through my sight. By the end of the year, of all of the books I read, only fifty were taken from my own shelves. That was like around only twenty-five percent my own books! As I have mentioned before, my shelves are rather overflowing right now, so for this year, I’m really going to concentrate on finishing up a few of my own books, of which I have a lot of interesting ones I’ve been itching to read. 


As soon as I finish up the pile of library books I’ve got leftover from last year, piled up on top of my chair, of course! This year, then, I'll try to keep myself under two or three library books per month, the rest gleaned from my own, neglected collections. No other "goal" than that, right now! 


The books attached to this entry are some of the books I've owned which I've had on my reading list for nearly six years now. Yeesh! 


*Theme music for this entry: "Wrapped Up in Books," Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Belle and Sebastian