2015 Reading Goals!

The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World - A.J. Jacobs

It is the first week of the year, and I have not really accomplished much of the one resolution I thought I might pursue; do more writing! So this is an attempt to rectify that, a little. I am hoping to submit at least one essay per week here at Reading Rainstorm, and also make sure to watch my local interest blog over at Minneapolis-St. Paul Adventure Time, where I will continue to report on the various adventures I am having in the Twin Cities. It’s looking like it will be quite an adventurous year!


There seem to be quite a few very interesting reading themes going around right now, and its true that I can never see one without plugging in a few entries from my reading list. That brings up my problem. Lately, it’s seemed that my library has grown even faster than my reading list. Books are everywhere! Stuffed into shelves, piled up on top of them, collecting dust.


To complicate the matter, as a librarian, I have a near constant exposure to books, new ones, old ones, from all types and genres. In fact, I notice that more than three quarters of the books I read in 2014 were checked out from libraries. I just can’t help checking out a few more every week, which, of course, obligates me to read them before they are due! Meanwhile, my own collection has been piling up, as I indulge in the (also all too easy) urge to frequent library book sales.


So, in light of all this, I've decided to concentrate on making my way through my own collections, exploring the treasures I've amassed and ignored. I have them shelved, more or less, in Library of Congress call number order, as I am a tad obsessive when it comes to organizing my books, if nothing else, I can read in a bit of a thematic order. With a library of more than a thousand books, this will be an undertaking. It’s a good thing I bumped up my reading challenge on GoodReads to two hundred books this year! Why not, right?


This project has also been stepped up a bit, since I have recently changed jobs and will be packing ‘em all up into boxes and shifting them into a new location in Minneapolis with as yet unknown space for book storage and this will be a great opportunity to cut down on some of the extra books, after reading and evaluating them, of course. A little weeding has been long overdue, probably.


Of course, in spite of focusing on my own collection, this will not be a strict decree; I’m sure I’ll be continuing to read my share of library books. I will be starting or continuing a number of segments here on Reading Rainstorm as well, including;  


Thematic Reading: Featuring a number of books highlighting a certain theme or genre.


Thematic Reflection: A small fiction or nonfiction piece in response to the theme.


Minnesota: Sharing a book that explores and illuminates the culture of my home state.


Hobby Books: Been meaning to discuss some of the books detailing a few of my favorite hobbies, cooking and pen and paper games, but they're hard to do, for the same reasons; they're very subjective- but we'll give it a shot! 


Nostalgia: Remembering and reminiscing about a favorite book of childhood and youth.


Graphic Novels: Been reading a lot lately, thanks to the library. Featuring some interesting ones to coincide with my sister's BookLikes blog, "I'm Reading Comeeks." 


Looking forward to a great year of reading, and sharing my reading thoughts! Yeah, books! 


In the meantime, the first book off of the top of my shelf is the interestingly appropriate title, "The Know-It-All," a memoir chronically an attempt to read the Encyclopedia Britannica. Might my library rival that feat? Seems quite a good place to start this quest.